Another day passed, where did it go?

It’s really hard to get anything done with a baby. As most of you will know. The days just go by, Aiden’s five weeks already. The days are just made up by basic stuff and once in a while you get something else in. Yesterday we went to VästerÃ¥s for the day. Jon met up with his old UK boss about potentially working for them in the future. Me and Aiden took a walk around town and bought two nursing tops and some hair dye (when will I have the time to do that tho?). On the way home we went pass Ikea for some lunch and looked around. For the first time in my life we left Ikea without buying ANYTHING (except lunch in the restaurant)!

Our diet is not going as good this week as last, as we cheated a bit yesterday and today. But the key is not to give up though and we’re being balanced about it. Need to weigh myself and measure to see how things are going as well. I have made my workout schedule as well, but haven’t got started yet as yesterday and today was too busy. Today was only a walk on the schedule and even if I didn’t get that in I was running around a lot today anyway.

My workout schedule is based on Olga Rönnberg‘s schedule from her book. It’s meant for women recovering from childbirth. I’m really looking forward to getting started!

Aiden in his pram
Aiden in his pram in Vsters
I was practising with Aiden on his tummy today. On the lovely blanket <a href="" target="_blank">my cousin Hanna</a> gave him!
I was practising with Aiden on his tummy today. On the lovely blanket my cousin Hanna gave him!
Jon & Aiden
Jon & Aiden
Aiden & Jon
Aiden & Jon
Mys with the pys
Mys with the pys. Dummy guarding…


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