New wallet – green, mean money machine

My thing used to be buying new wallets. I haven’t for a while because I’ve had a combined wallet/phone case “bible”. (People kept telling me it looked like a Bible, but I think it was just made to look like an old book.) I’ve had it for ages now so it’s quite worn out and it was time for something new. So I found this lovely thing at TK Max in the UK. Jessica Simpson – who would have known? Well, probably a lot of brand aware people. But I’m lacking some knowledge in that area…

Anyway, really fell for this one; the size, the price & the colour.?

Jessica Simpson wallet

Jessica Simpson walletJessica Simpson wallet

Beaten hero

Aiden sleepingWe’re still away in the UK. I’m so pleased Aiden seems happy to be away and doesn’t seem bothered about a slight change in routines for a couple a weeks. He’s warming to the grandparents as well so nicely. Showing off his best sides.

And I’m very pleased his sleeping seems to be “maturing”, getting closer to sleeping “through the night” (= 5-6 hours in one stretch/night). I’m getting very excited about future developments. (making him porridge, food eventually, him sitting.. You know – all that.)

Jon and I were talking on the way back after a walk today that it’s going to be so exciting to see what kind of person he’s going to be. Can’t wait for him to start talking so we can really get to know what’s in that little head. And I also wonder if we’ll think; “You could see he was like that when he was a baby already”.


On grandma’s floor

We’ve only been here a few days but there’s lot of interesting things happening on grandma Elaine’s floor. Because of the rain/storm and generally miserable view from outside the window, we spend most of our time in the lounge, the only room heated up by the gas fire during the day.

Talking nonsense with his Danish teether.
Talking nonsense with his Danish teether.
But favourite toy of all time and always there; the feet
But favourite toy of all time and always there; the feet
Exhausted after all the playing, he fell asleep in grandma’s arms

On tummy

Playing with fire
Playing with fire
Jon calls this Aiden’s backwards beard

Playing UK-110

Aiden spending time on grandma's floor
Aiden spending time on grandma’s floor

Awake in the middle of the night in a windy UK

It’s about now it starts feeling unnecessary that I slept for hours during the day. Had a long power nap with Aiden and it was really cosy though. So I guess it was worth not being able to sleep now.

The wind is blowing really hard outside. There’s a storm in the UK. And I’m wide awake. The only one in this house.

(photos from earlier)



By the way, predictive text on my phone always wants to call Aiden “sidebar”. Speaking of “the sidebar” – sounds like he’s waking up… ?

Oh. And I made our family as Androids the other day.


In the UK…

We’re in the UK! It all came about very quickly. As our social security back payments came through, we decided that we should make a trip to the UK while we can, before work and all starts again. Also, Jon’s sister is coming to the UK over the holidays, so we thought it was a good opportunity to meet up the whole family (Jon’s side).

I was nervous though, to say the least. I’m a nervous flyer, but then I’ve also never travelled with a baby. So lots of worries and anxieties. Plus we’re away for a couple of weeks. We know the baby routines at home, but what about in someone elses house? And also, most importantly; how will Aiden react to being dragged around?

So far so good though! Aiden was a bit upset on the plane (probably his ears), but he was quite content and even fell asleep for a bit. It was a long day but we’ve managed to make up for some lost sleep when we got here.

The weather is lousy today, as you would expect from the UK I guess. So we’ll probably have a day indoors. Jon has been down with a stomach bug so we’ve been locked indoors for that reason already. I don’t mind though. It’s nice and relaxed.

Father/son moment at Gatwick

What's for dinner?






Alfie Atkins

I hate my laptop. It’s such a dusty slow running noise machine. And it’s not even that old. ButI need a new one, I really do.

Jon just came to tell me that he’s going to bed and that I should too. I won’t just out of stubbornness. I go to bed before him almost every night because I’m so exhausted. If I have a bit of energy to stay up and get some alone time by the computer I will sacrifice some valuable sleep and hope for the best.

At the moment – despite lack of sleep and a high maintenance baby – I’m very excited about some private web projects, house DIY projects and some knitting projects. I’ll share some stuff soon.

We spent the weekend in Gothenburg. It was so nice to get away and see a pregnant Sofia & Samuel and some other friends briefly. It flew by and I took almost no photos at all except this one on Saturday morning when meeting Mattias.

I used the automatic setting because it was so dark and I’m not good enough with the camera and I knew I didn’t have much time and as I shoot this photo, Mattias turns to Jon awkwardly; “Take him now” haha

He looked at Aiden and said; “He looks a little bit like Alfons Ã…berg” (a Swedish cartoon – Alfie Atkins)

I wanted to see more people in Gothenburg but there was too little time, I wanted to look in the shops but there were too many xmas shoppers, I wanted to take more photos because I dragged the camera all the way there – but it was too dark and I knew the photos wouldn’t come out good.

I’m really happy about the people we did see though and that everything went OK at this first baby travel attempt.