“Rise up like the sun, Labor till the work is done”



I got to borrow my sisters Canon EOS 30D. I haven’t figured it all out, but I’m practising every day (both taking the photos and the editing as I’ve also decided to start using RAW format). So bear with me, hopefully you’ll see an improvement soon. (Actually taking photos of a baby is probably not the best to start with, but he’s the only thing I want to take photos of! Ha ha)

These photos are from the other day when we went to mum & dad’s house for the twofold reason of fixing mum’s computer after updating the OS, but the graphics card drivers turned out to be incompatible – Jon fixed. And the second reason being using their internet, as the fiber optic cables broke when we had some guys here to paint the bedroom. Aiden was at his best behaviour and him & his dad shared this nice moment, that I tried to catch on camera to the best of my ability.



“Go play outside!” – about Melatonin, sleep & general wellbeing

collage3Perfect days for walks with A. Good for me and good for him. You know when you were little and your mum was always on your case about playing outdoors. It was always with the undertone that it’s good for you. When you’re little you don’t know why it’s good to be outdoors really, and I’m not sure my mum really new why either. I just realise the enormous benefits recently when reading about the hormone Melatonin in relation with regulating an infants sleep.

Up until 10 weeks babies don’t produce this hormone themselves. However, it’s found in nighttime breast milk – explaining the night feeds in the beginning of babies lives. The production of Melatonin is dependent on darkness (the body is just so awesomely created). That’s why they recommend you feed in darkness in the night so you don’t interfere with the hormone production.

You should also stop the production during the day so that you don’t disturb the sleep pattern. Sitting indoors doesn’t do this. So in summary; to give your body the best chance of regulating yours and your baby’s sleep is to be outdoors during the days so that the production of this hormone works as it should during the night.

Melatonin also has a connection with the production of another hormone; serotonin. This is linked with depression. In other words; it wasn’t just something your mother said when you were little (or like in my case; she still keeps telling me even though I’m well aware already) to get you out of the house. There is an actual reason.

This also explains advice given to people suffering from depression. Sitting indoors, or sleeping too much, which is what you want to do when you’re depressed makes you more depressed. Forcing yourself outdoors is not just to force some sort of activity on youhoping this will help you feel better. There’s an actual chemical reaction in the body that will help with better sleep and in effect productions of hormones controlling your mood.

Before I knew I was pregnant I bought Melatonin supplement as I read this was a good supplement to help you sleep better, which helps with your mood, depression and weight control. Yes, it helps with your weight as well to be outdoors – not just from the walk or whatever but the light outside. I haven’t dared to take the supplement during pregnancy/breastfeeding. But – the body knows how to do this itself. Sleep in total darkness & be outdoors!

We’re going into a season where daytime light is very limited. So it can be stressful to make time to get out during the little window of opportunity every day. But it’s well worth it for your sanity! A reminder for myself and maybe someone else.