Material crush

I have another one. But it’s priced completely unreasonable so it’s impossible to even consider buying it. Besides, I showed Jon and he doesn’t even like it. So there you go… It’s one of those protection thingies for the cot.

I’ll just buy some nice fabric and redo the one I got again. Something more colourful. I did do the one we have days before Aiden came. But I find it boring now. I like the lion on the above, I like the colour and I like that it’s higher than the standard size.

Sick and thoughts of efficiency


I’m sick! Feeling OK at this very moment, but think it’s because I took a pill. Aiden isn’t happy either and he’s sleeping again. He doesn’t seem to have a fever, but he’s not a happy chappy. Wonder if he’s got a sore throat as well? Really hope not. He’s not inconsolable so that’s good at least, can’t be too bad. And good that he’s sleeping.

It’s depressing being inside and feel it would do us good to take a walk today, but it’s just such rainy, grey weather. I’ll see how Aiden is when he wakes up.

I’m very close to finishing off a first release of my new blog design. I’ve only done the coding so far and need to convert the design now. And I’m using one – to me – new technique for it. Being a mother of a 3 month old though doesn’t give me a lot of time for it (although, surprisingly a lot considering I’m almost done!).

Speaking of time. Your perspective changes when you have a person in your life so dependant on you. It’s hard to find time for yourself and in a way it’s how it should be. I knew that. But it’s not really in my personality just to accept it. I try to find ways of making things around the house more efficient. Do certain things quicker for example. Things I don’t want to spend time on; cleaning, cooking, shopping. And some things you have to spend time on; like Aiden. It’s quantity time needed, you can’t do it “quicker” so to speak and you need to be able to drop all and see to him when needed.


A way of being more efficient, besides doing things quicker, is to multitask. Yesterday while cooking I tutored Jon with his Swedish for example. Sometimes I listen to a podcast. Also, cooking and cleaning up at the same time is a great way of getting boring stuff out of the way quicker. Or if Aiden’s happy with it, have him in the baby sitter next to me and tell him what I’m doing while cooking. Also, I tend read a book on my phone while putting him to bed (not time stolen from him, as I’m just sitting there to put the dummy in his mouth when it falls out, not read him a story or anything)

Multitasking can be a real curse though, as there are many situations where your attention should be 100%. Like when playing with Aiden. So there’s a balance required of course which is not always easy… It can tire your brain as well and make you go in a speed that is hard to wind down from.

I’m going to read my book now. I’m at the end of it and it’s got me hooked completely! My sister-in-law recommended it;

Zucchini lasagna

Zucchini lasagne in the making

I made zucchini lasagna yesterday. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while and it did not disappoint! Not only is it lacking empty carbs (pasta) but I also made the sauce with coconut flour and cream, so wheat free. I also threw in some spinach just because I had some at home. Now I have lovely leftovers as well for a few days. Win win. Win win win.

My latest material crush

Are you guys like me that you can become obsessed with something and feel like youhave tohave it? Like some clothes item, shoes or bag? It feels like this item willdramaticallychange your life? Well I had one of those obsessions this past week. This bag:

Miles & Louie bag
Miles & Louie bag

I’m over it now. I think. But I was so close to buying it, even though it’s certainly not an investment allowed in our current budget. I tried to justify it in so many ways. My plan was to use it as a camera bag. I’ve ordered an insert from eBay. So I thought, even though it’s not a bag purposed specifically as a camera bag, it would just be lovely as one and would make me bring my camera EVERYWHERE. Logically I knew I could not really buy it. But I almost wanted to, you know, just do it anyway and think about the repercussions later…

To stop myself however I told Jon about it. That didn’t help and I continued to go in andlook at the bag every day on Etsy. I tried to bribe Jon by saying he could take the equivalent amount of money and buy something for himself as well. Yeah, I know… the logic – “OK, I don’t have money to buy this bag so lets both buy stuff we can’t afford”.But that’s just the thing: when you get obsessions like these there is no logic! I can’t explain it.

By the way, it’s not like the bag is expensive in itself. It’s actually very affordable being hand-made and partly of leather. So that’s not what I’m saying, just that Ican’t afford it right now.

So what finally ended this material crush? Well, I measured the bag. Stupidly I’d let myself fall in love with the rustic pictures, the lovely brand and theIDEAof my life being complete with this on my shoulder without checking it would actually work as I intended. But it would be too small I realised when finally checking the dimensions. And even if I could have justified it as a camera bag, I can’t as just a “normal” bag, strangely enough.

Phew! The temptation is over… this time around.

Slowly getting stronger

Olga Rnnberg

I’m basing my training on this book. It’s got exercises especially for new mum’s. I said yesterday is so boring doing them, it’s got nothing to do with the book itself. It’s just that my body is so weak and I’m not enjoying the exercise yet. But I can tell a difference so it’s well worth and I will continue. I do the training three times a week but the plank the other three days with a walk for example. And the last day is rest day (yes I didn’t forget a week is seven days).

I’ll let you know how it goes!

“Jantelagen” – the law of Jante

One thing that I really despise in Sweden is something we call“Jantelagen”. This is the Wikipediacdescription:

Generally used colloquially as asociologicalterm to negatively describe an attitude towards individuality and success common in Sweden[2]and the rest of theNordic countries, the term refers to a mentality that de-emphasizes individual effort and places all emphasis on the collective, while discouraging those who stand out as achievers.


It might be more noticeable in the Scandinavian societies, but nuances of it is certainly in every culture.

An example of this is a friend of mine who came back from a 6 month travel with his wife and went back to work. He wrote a Facebook status about comments he received at work after coming back. It was something along the lines of “You should really work for 2 now because you’ve had such a long holiday” and I bet the comments didn’t end there. Comments like these are generally said in a humorous way, but reveals a sort of begrudging attitude.

I mean, it’s not like this friend of mine has more leave than anyone else at his work. And it’s not like the possibility to apply for 6 months absence of leave isn’t available to all (you might not get it, but everyone can request it). Even though I don’t know their financial situation in detail, I am quite certain they are not better off than the average Swede. Probably worse, as they work part-time and do volunteer work the rest of their time. Hence; it must have taken quite some planning and saving up to be able to go away for six months. During these six months they also spent time doing volunteer work so it wasn’t like a six month holiday either.

The above are some facts and some assumptions. Regardless of my friends actual circumstances (ie even if he got the money to go from a relative), it doesn’t give those bitter people, letting chances in life pass them by, the right to give these begrudging comments in the name of Jantelagen.

A while ago I spoke to an acquaintance of mine who just started a company and quit her job of 20 years or so. She said she’d had plans to quit already, but when the boss came and told her that she had to start working full-time she made the decision to quit sooner than planned. She said her boss had told her that it was unfair to the other employees that she had the opportunity to work part-time and that others had been complaining. How unprofessional!

I don’t understand people who are jealous of things like this. Usually they are in a position to go and do the same thing. But they don’t because they have got themselves stuck in a mortgage and need the full income. Or they choose to have a fancy car. Or choose to go on ski holidays every year or whatever. Some people choose to have less money and more time – it’s not unfair. It’s a choice most people could make if they wanted to, but they would have to make changes in their life to do it and they might not be prepared to make these changes.

A couple I know live in a studio flat the size of a wardrobe. Their boys are grown up and moved out, so they can choose to live like this, which enables them to both work part-time and go abroad several times a year.

It’s so cool and inspiring – not something that people should have the right (through “jantelagen”) to criticize or be jealous of. If it springs from an unhappiness of being stuck in the hamster wheel yourselves then let it inspire you to look over your own situation – make the changesYOU want, whether it’s have more free time in a week, go travel or do volunteer work just go for it!

More boring than usual – training

ExercisesSo haven’t written much about my workouts lately, have I? Well, I haven’t been great at doing them to be honest. They’re just so boring! But I will persevere though. I will. I’ve done them tonight, so that’s 2 times out of 3 this week. And I reeeeally didn’t feel like it tonight. Oh well it’s done.

Think as soon as I’m done with these “find your muscles after birth” exercises I will maybe do some Body Pump again. Even if it’s not the most effective strength training, I know I like it and since I’m so out of shape it will do something. And I need to find the joy in training again. But another few weeks with these uninspiring exercises I suppose…