Second cousins

Yesterday Aiden met his second cousin born just a month and a half before him. While me and my cousins and my sis had lunch the second cousins Aiden & Amandus decided to sleep through the whole thing it seemed. But as the post arrived me and Veronica noticed our little once had both woken up – they had synched their sleep! I thought maybe Aiden wouldn’t be very interested in another baby yet, cause that’s what happen at the last play date. But he started to show signs of interacting with his second cousin. This is what they did – stretching out their hands to touch each other. Amandus started, and Aiden copied/followed. Cute!


Changing the clocks

It’s not even the question of what day it is, but if it’s day or night? Changing the clocks doesn’t help. But it did generously give an extra hour. Baby didn’t know that though.

A tiny soft hand on top of mine, exploring. Need to cut his nails. Need to do it when he’s sleeping. Don’t want to wake him. His little hand lets go of mine and slowly falls to the pillow. Resting over his head. He’s falling asleep. He’s been sleeping so much. He must be exhausted from all the new stuff he’s been busy learning and training, perfecting all his waking hour. Rolling to his tummy, looking around. Registering items, colours and movements. Rolling back. Roll back to tummy again straight away. It must be more fun on this side, it’s not, he cries. Dad helps him back to his back, which he knows how to do very well, but he’s too exhausted now. As soon as he’s on his back his hands moves up to his eyes. A centimeter from his face. Intently studying, touching. Won’t take a break and just be, have to learn and practice. Every waking hour. Falls back asleep.

Aiden playing

Sleeps for hours. Two is long but normal for day sleep, three, four hours though? He must be so tired. Starting to wake up. Rocking the cradle with movements. Stretching. Making noises. Then still and quiet. Taking forever to wake up. Dad sits by the cot. Waiting. Waiting for that smile and those curious, ever-studying eyes. Waiting for it to start all over again.

Clocks forward, clocks backwards. Here all the clocks are on baby time.

Adult time

Completely unplanned Jon and I ended up having dinner by the kitchen table (post baby it’s mostly been in the lounge with one of us holding baby while the other eats) with Aiden sleeping. When you eat by the table opposite each other you actually end up talking and I realised we haven’t had that type of time with each other for ages. At the end though we just talked about A anyway and you sort of wish he could wake up already. Strange thing that.

Speaking of sleeping. I’m on the sofa ready to sleep. The whole family has moved out into the lounge because the bedroom is being plastered. I’m very tired. Good night!

“A is for Aiden” photo shoot – part II

Some more photos from the photo shoot with Aiden when he was only little and new and the number of fingers on my hand was enough to count his days in the world (10). In the last photo he looks like me as a baby – ie he looks like an Eskimo. He’s wearing a jacket his paternal grandma’s made and is one of my favourites. The A was a gift from my colleagues at Logicspot.

All photos are Pernilla Ehnbom. Do not use without permission. Edits by


“A is for Aiden” photo shoot – part I

When Aiden was 10 days young my sister took some lovely photos of Aiden. I have published one or two of them, but for some reason I have been holding on to them. It’s like I’m waiting for the perfect opportunity to share them. But I’m realising that it doesn’t matter. So here’s a few and more will come. All photos are Pernilla Ehnbom. All editing is done by me. Do not use any of these photos.

AIDEN PHOTOSHOOTaiden3aiden4aiden5

Friends & Football – unfashionable, weather inappropriate spontaneous outdoor Sunday activity

We went to our friends Annamaria & Christian & their son Dino today. I hadn’t slept much and didn’t put much effort into my appearance. When leaving the house we realised that it was raining so I grabbed my bright yellow raincoat and we headed off. So why am I telling you about my lack of style & weather inappropriate clothing today? Well because when at our friends house we decided to join them on the football match they had plans to attend. It was a training match I believe, and the local team won. Yay, I guess. Although I missed the goal as I went inside to breastfeed. It was freezing cold and I certainly wasn’t dressed for it and I looked like a mess in every other way as well. It’s just a note, I didn’t really mind that much. Except the cold, I minded the cold.

Football Sunday jon&plutt#15 Alex Janson063AidenAiden

Being a mother & “plutt” collage

I’ve been such a mum today. I put my knickers on backwards this morning, been puked and poo’d on. All this with an underlying headache sprung from very little sleep last night. Aiden had one of his hard-to-fall-back-asleep-again phases at night. He just lies and twitches and wakes himself up after falling asleep. And at 3am he was wide awake, really cute and laughing and smiling. But… It was 3am…
Gosh I’m turning into one of those boring blogs complaining about being a mum aren’t I? Truth is, I love being a mum. And I think I’m pretty good at it as well. It’s really cool to be taking care of little Aiden. So here’s a collage of lately: