Another weigh in


So welcome to the baby blog, sorry about that by the way… but the baby is my life at the moment. Not really room for anything else. But I’m sure I will move on to write about other things, things I used to write about before again, at some point. But now – I’m mostly a mother.

We went for a new weigh in and Aiden continues to grow like a weed. He’s 4 kg. I like having these appointments, you can ask any question you have. The strange thing is that the nurse we have used to have me as a baby/child. She’s very sweet.

I’m so pleased of course that everything is going well, especially with the breastfeeding. It was super important to me and as some struggle a lot I was worried I was going to as well. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work feeding and feeding to his schedule. But the benefits outweighs it all.

It’s weird how pleased you become about the most strangest things when you’re a parent – someone gaining weight (!!!), growing a few cm, giving you eye contact, farting really loudly next to you… This is what makes me and Jon cheer and clap our hands nowadays. Yep.

3 x Ehnbom

One of the best things about moving back to Sweden and Nykping is to be close to this lovely family. I haven’t lived in the same city as my sister since I was 21. And we’ve always been in different places in our lives. For the first time it feels like we’re in the same place sort of. Not that it necessarily matters, but it just feels like a good time to be close. And it doesn’t hurt that she comes in a package with 2 other wonderful people.

Let me introduce the family Ehnbom:


Waking up at night does not a baby with sleeping problem make

Aiden daytime sleeping

I read in a book we got from the babycenter that it’s only parents that expect their babies to sleep all night that seems to think their baby has a sleep problem. I.e. babies are supposed to wake up at night. Aiden included. The night before last he was up most of the night and he was really upset and making a fuss about everything. He was fighting the feeding even though that’s exactly what he wants and he did not want to sleep anywhere else than in your arms. Which causes a problem as it’s hard for parents to get sleep with a baby in their arms.

Last night though he was a bit more relaxed, probably because he got some good sleep in and wasn’t so super tired. He did wake up every 2 hours for a feed, but at least he fed without fuss and he did go back to sleep. Only once in his cot, the rest of the night he spent between me and Jon. Which is fine he’s only 3 weeks. I’m just pleased he sleeps without having to be in your arms because that’s not a winning concept.

Babies don’t stabilize their sleep until 3-4 months apparently. So we better just get used to it. I’ve got a book to read during night time feeds (though sometimes I’m too tired), there’s nighttime TV as well. So it’s just a matter of getting with the program and accept our new reality as parents.

This morning auntie Abbey left to go back to Mallorca, yesterday grandma left to go back to England. So all our visitors have left for now. And it’s back to just the 3 of us.

I’m making use of the time this morning when Aiden fell asleep and looks so peaceful, to blog a bit and get some other “household admin tasks” done. Tomorrow I’m going on a post-pregnancy diet. More about that later…

Aiden daytime sleeping