40 +1

He’s overdue. I’m not particularly pleased about it. But at least;

  1. He seems healthy and well in there, judging from the movements
  2. I can sleep even though I have some pre labour pains and am frustrated and irritated. So besides my mood I’m not really suffering too much…

Jon and I just went for a walk now. Long, slow walk. It gave me a very unattractive tanline he he… Thanks.

A new day, new chances, I’m positive. Although the moodiness the last week is a sign of hormones doing its thing anyway. So I’m not feeling too bad about being a grumpy pregnant lady.

Walking helps, but I can’t walk forever in this heath
Last evening we went to Svrdsklova where mum and dad has their campervan at the moment.
Last evening we went to Svärdsklova where mum and dad have their campervan at the moment.


Pre labour updates

Today I have been irritated and frustrated. I’ve also done a lot of cleaning. All good signs of pre labour. But no pains today. Had the most painful afternoon/evening last night, so was almost sure that would be the night. But no.

Even managed to sleep and have been sleeping this afternoon as well, which I guess is a good investment anyway. When labour does start, sleeping won’t be possible.

It just feels frustrating and as it’s not doing anything because it later stops. But read someone’s birth story when I woke and feel a lot more hopeful as her story was very similar to mine so far. Contractions stopping and starting over a few days. As the doctor told me on Monday; “this will end with a baby being born”.

Guess I’m doing the right thing with all the resting and nesting. Soon I won’t be able to. I’ve never been very patient so all this waiting is annoying. All questions about how things are going are really annoying as well, mostly because I so want things to happen now and almost feel disappointed so having to explain “No nothing is happening right now”, even though logically I realise that things are moving along as they should. It takes time.