Waddell life through Instragram

Hey, how are you? I am fine. I feel happy, aligned, re-prioritised if that’s even a word and just excited about the future. I’m tired though so here’s some photos from the last few days in Instagram overusing filters etc. (follow me I’m “wwwaddell”)

I paid £3 for the top and last year I bought the skirt for £5. But I look like a £1million right? HA HA HA

Me and Jon – can’t believe how cool we look. In reality – not so cool. This chick we know said today; “Didn’t you guys come on a bike last year?” I was like; “No you must be thinking of someone else” She; “Oh I see… or maybe that’s how cool I THINK you are, come riding a bike”

We are happy, with our round faces and skew eyes/teeth

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