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Have you ever unsubscribed to someone’s feed on Facebook? Maybe they keep posting silly game reports or disgusting love messages that should be private? Or maybe they have a third party application that keep posting on their feed?

It’s hard to know what is annoying other people when you choose to post on Facebook. I have changed a few things as I see how it effects others. I started posting my blog feed from my blog profile and whoever wants my updates posted on their news feed just have to like my profile. So sometimes you have to adjust even though I know everyone have the same possibility of unsubscribing if they like. But they might not know how to (if you don’t know I’ve added a tutorial at the end of this post)

In my opinion the unsubscribe option is a brilliant tool. It enables you to use Facebook the way you want to. And everyone’s different. You have the power to listen in or opt out of whatever interests you or bores you.

However, have you ever had anyone tell you in real life they have unsubscribed to one of your feeds? I have. A while back. And it felt awful! And then I thought about it and thought about it and thought about it. I was posting a lot using RunKeeper. I was training for a marathon so I posted almost every day. I am in the right to post this if this is something I want to share and my reason for doing it was to inspire. “If I run, anyone can” – Sort of thing. I also acknowledge anyone have the right to unsubscribe to it. But to be faced with someone telling me they’d been annoyed by my updates and “had to” unsubscribe made me feel so stupid.

I have come to the conclusion that I think it’s rude to tell someone their posts are uninteresting. And that they have unsubscribed. It’s like telling someone when they are talking to you “Sorry, that doesn’t interest me can we move on?”. We generally don’t do that because part of being friends is showing a little interest in what interests your friends. Fair enough we probably would not get dragged in to an hour long conversation about Squash if that didn’t interest us, but someone telling us when we strike up a conversation “And then I played squash with Sara” we would scream “STOP, that does not interest me move on!”

My sister-in-law was here this week and she went running a few mornings. Now, she knows it is something that interests both me and Jon. But say it wasn’t or we were neutral. Either way, her telling us for different reasons “When I went running this morning I saw…” we wouldn’t react to it at all would we or go “Please stop commenting on your runs in the future”.

Facebook is different. We have the right to tune out and I for one use it frequently. But when we take those judgements “live”, if you like, I think we’re breaking the rule of politeness. We don’t have the right to control how other people use Facebook and what interests of theirs they choose to share – we have the right to ignore it or remove it from that platform.

Those rules does not apply in real life. In real life we still need to show an interest when someone shares their baby pictures and their latest sport accomplishment or the newest band they’ve come across – regardless of how much we ignore their online broadcast.

That’s my opinion – What’s yours?

How to Unsubscribe to News Feeds on Facebook

This is how it’s done; You move your mouse over the right top corner of the particular post you want to unsubscribe to and a little dropdown list magically appears. From this list there are a few different unsubscribe options depending on what a post it is. You might want to unsubscribe to a friend’s, let’s say RunKeeper posts, but keep their other status updates. Or you might not want to see your old classmate’s feeds at all because you wouldn’t even say hi to them if you passed them on the street (Although, Facebook usually take them off your feed anyway automatically if you never ever interact with them)

This is just an example and I haven’t unsubscribed to this particular person. But you can see there are a few different options.

  1. You can first choose what to subscribe to; All Updates, Most Updates, Only important
  2. You can unsubscribe to the person which means all their updates,
  3. or just “Music and Videos” – i.e. their constant Spotify feeds or,
  4. “Hide all from Instagram” – or any other third party application they are using it mustn’t be Instagram only. It can be Twitter or something else.
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