Tiredness & workouts

Good afternoon. These last few days have been strange. I have been feeling very, unusually tired and irritable. So I have made a conscience effort to put in a lower gear and try and regain some energy. Sleep a lot. Even though I struggle with this cause it makes me feel useless.

One way of regaining energy and invest in myself is exercise. I’m still doing the BodyRock.tv challenge and I’m enjoying it. The workouts are quick ~12 minutes each, so it’s a maximum of 30 minutes a day.¬†However, it does take a bit of planning for every day; learn the exercises and decide on alternations etc before you actually do them. I don’t have all the equipment for example. But it hasn’t been a problem so far. Just saying, it is a little bit of extra time you have to invest. But I’m sure that I’ll get into the way of thinking soon and be able to do the exercises straight away.

Also, there’s only 17 days to our 10km race. We have not stuck to the training plan. So I don’t know how well we will do.

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