Summer lovin

The last week have just been wonderful hasn’t it? I’ve spent a lot of time in the garden. Some trying to work from outside. Sometimes just working very efficiently for a few hours then just relaxing in the sun. So lovely!

But I am glad the weather’s a bit greyer this afternoon and that it rained a bit. For 3 reasons really;

  1. I can sit inside and work without feeling I should be outside making the best use of the sun – might be the last time we see it this summer after all
  2. I can workout and go for a run without completely drying out later
  3. I think our grass needs it.

I had to go tell the neighbour that their one dog (they have 3) are trying to break into our garden, there’s a bit whole in the fence now. The young man’s response after apologising; “Yeah, she’s a bit annoying”. It’s hard to like their dogs as a neighbour. They’re quite the┬ánuisance, but if even they – the neighbour – find it hard to like their own dogs…?


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