Summer has arrived, better make the best outta it before it goes away!

Hi friends! Summer has arrived, it makes me so happy. I get into Sweden-preserve-the-sun-mode and plan my days with being outside, in the sun, in mind. Because you never know when it will end in this country. I tried working outside but my laptop still isn’t happy with the sunshine and I could mainly see my own reflection. But I’m making great progress tan-wise.

Rachel came by for lunch and we had a nice time in the garden in the sun. Rarely get a chance to eat fish because Jon can’t stand it, so I took a chance and made it for lunch. Yummie, Then we went to one of Rachel’s old friend living close to us. She’s an artist, she makes sculptures and her pieces were lovely! Baby hands and pregnant tummies and lovely female forms. Brilliant!

And yes, I know these photos – at least 2/3 – are “Instagram filtery”. But it’s novelty for me ok, Instagram being all new to Android and all – ok?

Jon found some SA marinade recipe on www and we had a proper saffa braai

Rum & Coke

Did some am work in the garden. Or tried to. Couldn't really see anything though... So went on to "work" on my tan

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