New Challenge – BodyRock

Ok, I am a person who needs clear goals to motivate to action. I need to break it down to smaller goals or I get overwhelmed. This goes for anything in life, but one clear example is working out. I needed a marathon to take the running to a different level and it was a great experience seeing the progress I could make. Me being a person in school just thought I wasn’t ever going to be good at anything physical.

Anyway, my sister-in-law recommended recommended a website many months ago that offers free workouts. I never tried it when she first recommended it, can’t remember why but I was probably too focused on my running I suppose. I got the running sorted now and what additional strength training. I have been doing it on my own – a full body workout with weights. Which is fun. It’s just hard to think of exercises to keep it fun and interesting. So I took on the 30 day March Challenge and I started yesterday.

30 days will take me nicely up to our trip to Majorca!

I know. I know. The website looks like a naughty website. But it’s not. And how amazing is that chicks abs?!
I started my first day yesterday, and I will be running as well continuing with my load up for the 10k race end of August. Hey, why don’t you join me?

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