Five hour drive to sit under a tent somewhere else

Heeey. Sorry for the absence. I have been busy. I’ve been moving websites to my new virtual server. I didn’t realise how much work it would be, mainly because I don’t really know the coding needed. But I’m picking it up which is kind of rewarding in itself.

I haven’t moved my blog yet, but had backed it all up so did not want to add posts. But since it’s taking a bit of time and I felt like blogging I thought I’d do it anyway. And do all the prep work again.

We went camping during the long weekend with the Charnleys. We went aaaaall the way to Cornwall, to basically spend all our time at the camping trapped under Shaun and Majka’s tent due to the rain. It was a nice weekend anyway. On Monday there was a little bit of sun and we went out and laid in the sun on lounges and chairs and all four of us fell asleep – ha ha!

I went for a run when we first got there, but besides that my training has been really bad lately. I’ve started with my resistance training. But I seriously need to pick it up if I want to see some results.

After falling asleep outside we all one by one moved into the tents

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