Climbing the nerd list

I got my new glasses today. Jon doesn’t seem to like them because as you can see from the picture – the lenses are quite thick and made my face smaller. I didn’t go with the thinner lenses because A) I can’t afford it, it would have costed more than the frames and B) the guy fitting my glasses said it would only show slightly on the edges the thickness.

Oh well, I’m happy with them! And I’m sure Jon will get used to them as well. Thanks for helping me chose!

The new glasses and the fact that I bought plastic salad boxes from Aldi today and I told Jon I was going to bring salad with me on Wednesday when I’m out all day made him exclaim; “Gosh, does [a name of someone we know] know you are after their top spot for NERD?!”

Oh and I should let you know that I am still faithful to my 21 days of morning walks challenge. So don’t worry!

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