Balance and breaks

You know what it’s like… There are a few things in everyone’s life that are really important – maybe work, training, family, spirituality etc. Your top five priorities if you like. You want to be on top when it comes to these priorities – all of them equally. Because they are all important, but in a slightly different way so it’s hard to prioritise them over one another.

But it does not seem possible to have them all balanced at the same time. Why is that…? If the training is going great, then the food intake is sloppy. When spirituality and mental peace is on a high level, work input seem to decrease or the house is a constant mess. It’s like it’s impossible.

So question is; what pushing my blogging out of the way at the moment?

Today has been very productive. I’ve been up since five thirty this morning and I’m really tired now. Don’t know how Jon does it every other week…


There is something wrong with the car’s brakes. I came with Jon out to have a look. Not that I could contribute but at least I could keep him company.


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