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I FEEL SO AWAKE! Which is great because this whole week has been horrible. I haven’t slept, and felt tired all the time. Yesterday I didn’t feel like cooking because of my tiredness. Jon suggested he could make his Mince Curry dish. Great! I will finish the Kiwi Mojito popsicles I was working on. (I cleaned the whole house for our visitors and the party on Saturday and started with the wall and did my resistance training and squeezed in some work, so it wasn’t like I was tired and that was it – I had been busy all day also) Oh and I went to the shop as well.

Anyway, Jon was going to cook and that was great. Until…

“Can you make the rice?”

Sure. I am very good at making rice. Although it is super simple. It’s Jamie Oliver’s rice tip; 1 cup of rice and 2 cups of water and boil for 12 mins and voilà – perfect rice! Alongside squeezing limes for my mojito popsicles and putting popsicles sticks in my already half frozen batch in the freezer I now also was in charge of the rice for dinner while Jon started cooking the mince. And…

“Can you peel me a potato and a couple of carrots?”

Hm. Wait a minute. I never have a kitchen assistant when I cook. Offering to cook includes all the prep work, doesn’t it? Unless you’re a famous chef possibly. But before I could even raise that point;

“Where’s those crushed tomatoes?”

Those crushed tomatoes I said I thought we had before we went shopping I forgot to confirm we actually had and now I feel like that is my problem as well. Meanwhile my popsicles are melting in front of my eyes and I can’t fit them all in the freezer with the sticks ehm sticking out and my arms get full of the spray I just sprayed the freezer with this week but the spray by the opening hasn’t dried probably because it’s all frozen I don’t know, still don’t know, but that pushed me over and I didn’t feel like doing anything anymore.

Anyway, we ended up having both dinner and 24 frozen popsicles ready. And after sleeping really well last night I am now fit and ready for weekend!

Jon “cooking”. Although, in my mind cooking isn’t just stirring all the ingredients together… :P

Cooking water & sugar for the Mojito popsicles!

Mojito Popsicles!

I sprayed our freezer black – turned out pretty good if you ask me!

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