List stolen from Blondinbella (Bella the blonde)

Todays mood: excited & empowered
Todays feel: slightly sore muscles, otherwise feeling very good. Nice to get an early start to the day
Todays have-to: have to sort out the design for my current website project
Todays hairdo: bun on the side & plait in the back.
Todays makeup: 60s, eyeliner
Todays plans: networking in the morning, then home and work & eat lunch, then meet Jon for a quick town centre visit, home to prep meeting and hopefully go for a 5km run
Todays outfit: h&m dress, 60s style & owl necklace.
Todays wish list: ink for printer
Todays thought: will the networking event be a success?
Todays addiction: my phone – without a doubt!
Todays lamest: we’ll see…
Todays longing: sweden visit
Todays super longing: finish web project & have an amazing result
Todays magazine: Oh, none really.
Todays song: haven’t decided yet but something powerful. have something in mind but don’t know if I dare to share…

I’m off to village hotel now…


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