I am making sushi for the first time ever. The rice is boiling away as we speak.

Had the last day of the course I’ve been attending. It was a brilliant day today and all four days have been really beneficial. I really hope I will be able to get a mentor through the Trust to help and support me in my plans. I am really inspired and excited though and keen to get going. The problem is that I want to do EVERYTHING NOW!

Met some really nice people on the course, I think I might even miss them… hehe

The next step within this program is to meet on a one-on-one and discuss the business idea/plan further. I have notice about myself, I think this might apply to more people, that just start saying things aloud helps in taking you a bit step closer to that reality. For me, it feels like I am having to change or adjust my whole identity. What started with a whisper: “I want to be a web designer” slowly gets louder and louder until you one day say it out loud. But I need to drop a few words I seem to sneak in when I discuss this:

“I am trying to start up as a freelance web designer”

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