Plan the packing panic

Usually when going to Sweden I tend to want to bring back a load of stuff. It can be food that I can’t get in the UK that I miss and crave once in a while, like hard bread or creme fraiche with different interesting flavours. But I also have a few boxes of stuff at my parents house. I was after all 26 when I moved to London and had had my own flat since I was 21. Loving interior design and making things ‘me’ made me buy quite a lot of nice stuff.

All of this I’ve stored at my parents place for the time being, well at least the things I really, really want to keep. The rest I’ve sold off. And there is also a lot of clothes in bags there. A lot of them, didn’t realize I had so much stuff.

So i want to, bit by bit, try and get all of this back to the UK. Which freaks Jon out because of our small flat. We always fly Ryanair going to Sweden (or anywhere really ;) and I’m sure you are all aware of Ryanair’s way of charging small fees for every little services until it adds up to be quite an expensive fee.

It’s £15 to have a 15 kg check-in bag one way. Quite expensive, actually, VERY expensive. And a 20 kg bag is £30. Going to Sweden this time, I booked one 15kg bag to check in. I got up extra early to do the packing and planning and weighing. The whole process got me thinking. 

I weighted my bag and it was 14.5 kgs. Which didn’t make me feel “sweet, perfect” but rather “what else can i fit in to get my 15kgs worth?”. I’ve paid for it damn it, I want all 15 kilos. 

But on the other hand I know I don’t want to be above the allowed luggage limit. That would turn out badly and expensive. Such a stressful situation on top of that. Having people waiting behind you and getting annoyed because you haven’t packed properly. Gaah, there’s enough stressfulness being at the airport. I don’t need that as well on top of my fear of flying. 

Never mind the hand luggage which also need to be carefully packed and weighted. I must say though, before and also this time around the airport staff has been on the generous side. As long as the overweight is not over 1 kg. I guess they understand as well that you can’t take 0.6 kg out of the bag and you don’t want to not bring that 6hg that you’ve paid extra for. Nothing weights exactly that. It’s a giving and taking I suppose. 

My point is, my best option, to not get overly stressed at the airport before checking in boarding and all that alone makes me hyperventilate, would be to pack well under the allowed kg-limit. So I know it won’t be any problems checking it in. But that doesn’t balance out the fact that I want to bring my stuff back AND I want to use every single kg I’ve paid for. So I go trough the stress after all.

Another reflection flying home this time related to the previous subject is coats and what you’re wearing. This one guy on board our plane had the hugest fur coat I’ve ever seen. Yea, a dude! It must have weighted 10 kolos on it’s own. But not just that. It took up half of the overhead luggage compartment above him.

How fair is that? I realize he can’t wear it obviously, because he would be boiling. But can’t he at least be required to sit on it? 

Another thing, this plane was so full of weird characters. We had the very fury, bold guy with makeup just mentioned. We had the dwarf from lord of the rings on board, except he wasn’t ginger. And a whole gang of Hell’s Angels.

Mum drove the car up into a pile of snow and we got stuck there. We had to dig the car out. In the cold and with the winds blowing through with snow.
New experience for Jon though.
Jon with my sis Pillan and her hubbie Sebastian
It is very beautiful though with all the snow.

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