New babis love


It’s funny, Jon says Babis instead of Bäbis (swedish for baby). This is a joke only my swedish readers will get because most people don’t know how to pronounce “ä” differently from “a”. Anywaaaay, I recieved my new “babis” as it is so popular to call your electronical devices. I have bought a new laptop. Or my company has.

Speaking of that, I really need to get that website up asap. I am attending a pre-event next week for an event in April. Need to get a lot of things sorted before that. It’s a business to business event called Kent 2020 and I will use it to do my market research and promote my business hopefully.

I had the worst day ever yesterday. Well not EVER maybe, but it wasn’t good put it that way. For some reason I couldn’t see anything positively. I went to body pump even though I did not feel like it at all, but after that it actually felt so much better. I didn’t feel like going btw because I didn’t feel like socializing. As if you socialize a lot during a class. But that might explain how little I wanted to. Unbelievable though how physical workout can change your mental state. I was happy when Jon got home though and I could vent, complain and hug a bit.

Need to work now. See ya

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