National Health Crap Service

Gaaah, this is driving me insane. I’m trying to collect my prescription for contraceptives. The pharmacy by my GP’s said they had had problems getting a hold of it and that I might be able to find it somewhere else. So I went to Boot’s pharmacy today, stood in the cue for ~30 mins with other sighing, annoyed people. When I’m finally served I am told that there is a “manufacturing problem” with the pill and that I need to contact my dr to get something else. Annoyed! Such unnecessary stress! Things like these should just WORK. It is hard enough to go to the Dr, get the prescription and wait at the Pharmacy. Having to chase your particular brand around town does not make it better!

I figure it is best to do my food shopping and then walk pass my GP on the way back. So with my heavy bags I struggle up the hill to the surgery just to be greeted with an intercom and a locked door. “How can I help?” says a voice from a plant. I try to find where it’s coming from, speaking to a plant looks weird.

“I’ve been trying to find a pharmacy that has my medication, but it’s apparently a manufacturing problem so I’ve been advice to contact my doctor to get something else instead…”
“We’re closed”

Again, notice how these people only present you with the problems and obstacles – never a solution, e.g. “We’re closed, BUT…”.

“Yes, I was just reading your note on the door. So what do I do? I need to get in contact with the doctor.”
“You can call back at 2pm. We open again then.”

And then my brain added a few extra sentences to that conversations and I picked up my bags and struggled back down the hill.

This is so extremely frustrating! I have so many things I need to do and I can never tick them off because the responding party can’t get to sort things out for me. Remember I mentioned I’ve requested a copy of my marriage certificate from RBKC. I wrote my first cheque, sent in the form with all the correct information. I was so happy Saturday morning when I found a letter from them already. And in it was a marriage cert as well, not ours though… So now I have to add “Call RBKC and sort out the wrong cert” to my to-do-list. And that’s how it is ALL THE TIME, my task list just keep growing the more I tick them off. Stupid incompetence!

That’s my ramble of the day…

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