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Sooo, I am trying to contribute to the household economy, in my own way. I am selling old stuff on Tradera (ebay in sweden). I’m not earning a fortune exactly, but there’s a few hundred SEK coming in to my swedish account, slowly paying back my credit. As all of you who have sold stuff on Tradera/ebay know, it is much more work that what it’s worth. But what can you do?
Although I have tried to make it easier to manage and administrate. As the nerd I am, I have created a database with all the items I’m selling and then I add the names and addresses of the winner and merge it all to a word document. Got to love mail merge and print your online postage! It’s very smooth and efficient but yeah, not earning a fortune exactly.
I am also trying to sell our old wardrobes on Gumtree. Two Argos ones and one IKEA one. Which is taking this selling business to a different level completely. I actually have to meet the buyer. iiiih…
It’s so frustrating though. So many people get in contact and are interested and you try and not promise anyone anything, cause at the end of the day, the first one to come here and give me money and take the stuff away is the one who gets the stuff. Right? So I try and keep everyone’s interest. And people say they are coming by and then never do, wasting my time.
Hopefully 3 people will come by today and get all this junk taking up space in our living room and in return give us food money for this last week before payday. Win-win, as they say…

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