Just in case complaint

So I got a hold of the lady that sent us the letter telling us someone had complained about loud noises from our flat. I explained that I really wanted to know what the complaint was specifically about because otherwise we wouldn’t know how to keep it down. Basically she said that it is not even sure it was our flat the noise came from and that we shouldn’t take it personally, that she just sends letters out when there’s a complaint to be on the safe side.

But I know when I worked for a housing cooperation that we encouraged people who called to complain to actually give us detailed notes about what & when so that we could decide on how to proceed. We wouldn’t (as far as I know) send random letters to tenants and tell them to keep it down if we weren’t sure it was them making the noise. They must understand that they make you feel very unease. And it is about your home, where you should feel safe and comfortable. Anyway. I will let it go now… I just find it a bit strange. Maybe I should throw a party and let them know what noise is all about.

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