Hand bag

Contributed with my hand bag in the Blog Battle on DosFamily’s website: http://dosfamily.com/tag/blog-battle/.

My billabong bag bought in South Africa (I’m not much of a brand nerd though but love this bag), Rennies for a busy, stressed person, hair pins – a must when you have a fringe, chewing gum(s), Samsung mobile with head phones, ladies stuff, Militären’s hudsalva (swedish military’s skin balm), mirror (notice my reflection in it!), lipstick in the nice lipstick holder, my lovely filofax with my business card on it and a pen holder with lots of colored pens and highlighters.

3 Replies to “Hand bag”

  1. Jo men jag är nog lika mycket stationery nerd, måste använda alla mina färgpennor och highlighters till nåt! ;) Fast när jag skaffar en mobil med Outlook kan det nog bli svårt att konkurera… :/ gaaaaah
    saknar dig!

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