Green tea

I’m not feeling very well and it’s been like this for a month. Up and down. Mostly down. So I’m waiting for the GP to open up I need some advice. I’m pretty sure it’s hormones causing all this madness, I hate being a woman sometimes. But I have an idea of how to temporarily sort it and I just need an OK from my doctor. The surgery is closed between 12.30 and 14.00 though – 1 ½ hr lunch!!!

I read this on Garance Doré’s blog:

I discovered why all New Yorkers drink green tea!

At a coffee shop with my friend Kate, she ordered a cup of green tea and she’s cool enough I could ask her, “Naaaaaaa, no no no no. Don’t tell me you actually like green tea. It doesn’t taste like anything!!!! Ooookay, tell me the truth. Why do you drink green tea?”
“But I love green t…”
“I said THE TRUTH!!!”
“Okay okay okay. I hear that if you drink four cups of green tea a day, it’ll reduce the risk of cancer.”
“Aaaaaah ok!”
“And anti-aging. And it’s supposed to be a good weight-loss help.”
Aaaah, well there you go! I jumped right on and ordered a green tea. But really, nothing is better than the delicious Earl Grey from Palais des Thés.


Thought it was kind of funny. I have started drinking a lot of Green Tea myself lately. Recent studies has shown that it somehow helps the body not to take up fat you eat as much. It doesn’t really do anything to your metabolism. It just makes the body less eager to take up fat basically. And it’s, which has been known for a long time now, good for a lot of other stuff too.

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