They had a whole item on the morning show Breakfast BBC this morning about young girls behaviour towards one another. A woman had been studying the behaviour and looked into what has been done since she was 9 when she was bullied by other girls. She started seeing the same behaviour when she had a daughter herself.

They mentioned comments like “She’s my best friend, but she also bullies me”, that shows that girls in young age sees this as normal. Horrible isn’t it?

Anyway, they didn’t have time to go into it in depth as they never do in these morning shows. But it is certainly interesting.

It’s a bit sneaky with girls in this age though because they usually do their bullying and scheaming in the dark and it might be difficult for adults to notice. And also, as soon as there’s boys around in school etc they usually get all the attention or a group of them at least for fighting and being noisy.

I suppose with series like Gossip Girl it’s not strange that girls start adapting weird behaviour. I mean, I find that show quite amusing and it’s ok to watch sometimes or every week. But in early age, does young girls realize that this is not a way to behave? That you should not stir up drama and gossip and be venditious and nasty? Or do they think that because the leading stars of shows like this act really nasty towards each other and still are so called “best friends” that that is the way to behave? Maybe. Maybe this actually is a part of why this behaviour exist.

It was interesting anyway that they discussed this in the morning show. Want to hear more!

I need to work now. Will write my business plan and prep for the event in 2 weeks time. Yay! Lovely day, I’ve been out already today and it’s like 19C. Spring – bring it on!

That reminds me; I need to take out my summer clothes. Maybe should sell some off (so I can buy some new)

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