Fishy business

Jon’s working afternoon shift this week, so I made salmon tonight. He doesn’t like any fish. So unfortunately we don’t eat a lot of fish. Tonight I made marinated salmon and it was sooo nice. Can highly recommend it. Had it with mango salsa. Tomorrow – Sushi.

Salmon fillet marinated in soy sauce, ginger, coriander, chutney and lime juice. SO, lovely!

Today I attended the first day at the course so I went on the bus to Sittingbourne. Since I spend most of my time nowadays at home alone, it was nice to get out and meet some people and learn some new things. Although, it must have been very unusual for me cause by the end of the day I had the worst headache. Migraine-like headache. Haven’t experienced that in a long time. Feel better now after a pain pill and some food. And later tonight I will go to body pump. Need to keep up with the routine, but also I think it might do my headache good. Move the muscles and get the blood circulating.

Tomorrow is another day on the course. It is nice to be around people that are at a similar stage as myself and have the same thoughts and fears. It is also nice to speak to the volunteering mentors and the tutor and make most use of their experience and expertise. After the course, we get a mentor for the next 2 years that we see on a regular basis to get business advice and direction. Really liking that idea.

Compared to how I felt November last year when I starting going in this direction, I feel so much more certain that self employment is for me, that I would enjoy it a lot.

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