February through the years

I was looking to some old photos for a different post I am writing for the blog and came across some really fun old pictures. This walk down memory lane made me want to introduce a new feature to the blog called “month through the years”. This time it is February’s turn. I started taking loads of photos back in 2003 sometime. So the photos will date back until then approximately. If a year is missing, it’s because I could find any photos from that year. Here we go!

== FEBRUARY 2003 ==
Lived in Nyköping, Sweden
Had dark hair and went to a lot more concerts than nowadays. Started to discover the beauty of digital photo.

== FEBRUARY 2005 ==
Had moved to Gothenburg, Sweden
Started highlighting my hair and had a new set of friends.
== FEBRUARY 2006 ==
Lived in Gothenburg still.
Looked more and more Finnish and went more and more blonde.

== FEBRUARY 2007 ==
Still Gothenburg but with longer hair.

== FEBRUARY 2008 ==
Gothenburg still but cut off my hair. Much blonder though.

== FEBRUARY 2009 ==
I had moved to London and started a whole new chapter.

== FEBRUARY 2010 ==
Jon and I had to move to Peterborough.

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  1. Ja, Death Cab måste det ha varit. Det är det enda bandet jag sett i Malmö. Bilden skulle dock kunna vara på förbandet om vi hann dit. Man, inte en av mina bästa kvällar det där.

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