Diet advise from a 60-year-old man

I am reading Lord Sugar’s “The Way I See It” at the moment. An e-book. Jon and I are reading on our phones in the evening in the dark. Strange how thinks change.

The last biography I read was by the Swedish young entrepreneur; Blondinbella. And now I’m reading the complete opposite. It feels. They are both entrepreneurs and I suppose that’s why they’ve made me interested in reading their books. I love The Apprentice so I suppose that’s why I wanted to read Lord Sugar’s book. I really like him on TV and I feel like I always agrees with his decisions. Hardly ever do I get annoyed by his firings. Never actually, sometimes I jump ahead though and think he’s going to fire someone else than the one I feel has a way overdue firing. But he always seem to go for “my option”.

It’s funny though, Lord Sugar is a 64-year-old, opinionated, experienced business man. Blondinbella is a 21-year-old, blonde, good-looking Swede, with several companies and a sometimes naive, but surprisingly often sensible, outlook of life. Two completely different worlds. But I have a feeling Lord Sugar would be impressed by her entrepreneurial ventures.

I read one chapter in his book yesterday that sort of surprised me. Chapter 7 named “The Tiny Fork Diet” and is all about Lord Sugar’s dieting and weight loss/weight gain. I don’t know why it surprised me. I must have completely revealed my prejudice by this reaction. My thoughts being “Why does a 60-something year old worry about his weight? No one cares!” How SILLY! Of course, he cares and of course he should care. And how deliberating that he’s writing about it. In a very personal and not this-is-how-you-do-it way.

Blondinbella also wrote about weight and diets and gave advise to young girls. Which did not make me react at all, it was almost expected. It’s what goes on in a head of a 21-year-old. And yes, the obsession young girls can experience relating to weight can not really be compared with that of a 60-year-old man. But how much easier life would be if young girls adapted his view of food. I say his view, it’s not revolutionary at all, it’s common sense and back to basics. Or as Lord Sugar puts it; it’s just maths. Don’t eat more calories than you spend, eat less and you lose weight.

Any diet can make you lose weight, in all honesty. You can lose weight by cutting things out. Hey, you can lose weight by eating McDonald’s if you like. As long as you stick to the calorie intake you spend and you’ll get the result. But it’s about health as well isn’t it. And it’s about enjoying all food we like. And I’m afraid the natural preference for most people don’t cut out carbs all together. Me for example I love pasta dishes. I do realise the portion of pasta need to be a small one. But it needs to be there. Even if we cut down on it for a limited time to reach a goal. It still has it’s place. Well, I’ll correct myself there – carbs has it’s place, not necessarily pasta. Carbs can be a whole lot of other foods.

I don’t believe some people can “eat whatever they want and still stay skinny”. I really don’t. I believe in this:

OK, not all of us have the time/motivation to look like her. And her face is definitely good genes. But we can all look healthy. Our metabolism is something we can affect.

I have read about food a lot lately because of my running. I really want to try to push my body to progress in a good way. The running is one part. What I eat is the next logical part. I’ve cut out alcohol. And I try to introduce or add more of the stuff that is extra beneficial to the body. Automatically you start cutting bad things out. The brain is easy to trick.

I’ve tried to cut chips out of my diet on several occasions. Chips is something I really appreciate. I’d pick it over any sweets or creamy dessert. The salty chip mmmm… But I know very well that cutting things out, forbidding yourself to eat certain things are rarely going to work. When you tell yourself: “I won’t eat chips” The brain only hears “chips” and starts craving it.

So the balanced view is to introduce good things and get it right most of the time. I know I will have chips again. That’s OK. I just need to get it right most of the time and maybe not eat a whole bag of chips when I go for it.

I know, this is all easy to write. It’s way harder to put into practice. As we all know. But you can just continue trying, learn about food, be enthusiastic about healthy beneficial food. And sometimes just relax and enjoy the great food we have to make us happy.

As Lord Sugar finish the chapter by saying, he shares his thoughts because it gives him another motivation to keep on track. (And he seems to be doing really well, and be in brilliant health)

It’s the same with me and a lot of people in the blog sphere; by blogging about exercise and eating habits it ads that extra motivation to keep on going. That’s my rant of the morning, and it’s not even 7 o’clock. Goooooood morning!

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