February through the years

I was looking to some old photos for a different post I am writing for the blog and came across some really fun old pictures. This walk down memory lane made me want to introduce a new feature to the blog called “month through the years”. This time it is February’s turn. I started taking loads of photos back in 2003 sometime. So the photos will date back until then approximately. If a year is missing, it’s because I could find any photos from that year. Here we go!

== FEBRUARY 2003 ==
Lived in Nyköping, Sweden
Had dark hair and went to a lot more concerts than nowadays. Started to discover the beauty of digital photo.

== FEBRUARY 2005 ==
Had moved to Gothenburg, Sweden
Started highlighting my hair and had a new set of friends.
== FEBRUARY 2006 ==
Lived in Gothenburg still.
Looked more and more Finnish and went more and more blonde.

== FEBRUARY 2007 ==
Still Gothenburg but with longer hair.

== FEBRUARY 2008 ==
Gothenburg still but cut off my hair. Much blonder though.

== FEBRUARY 2009 ==
I had moved to London and started a whole new chapter.

== FEBRUARY 2010 ==
Jon and I had to move to Peterborough.

Hand bag

Contributed with my hand bag in the Blog Battle on DosFamily’s website: http://dosfamily.com/tag/blog-battle/.

My billabong bag bought in South Africa (I’m not much of a brand nerd though but love this bag), Rennies for a busy, stressed person, hair pins – a must when you have a fringe, chewing gum(s), Samsung mobile with head phones, ladies stuff, Militären’s hudsalva (swedish military’s skin balm), mirror (notice my reflection in it!), lipstick in the nice lipstick holder, my lovely filofax with my business card on it and a pen holder with lots of colored pens and highlighters.


Home-made Sushi

I am making sushi for the first time ever. The rice is boiling away as we speak.

Had the last day of the course I’ve been attending. It was a brilliant day today and all four days have been really beneficial. I really hope I will be able to get a mentor through the Trust to help and support me in my plans. I am really inspired and excited though and keen to get going. The problem is that I want to do EVERYTHING NOW!

Met some really nice people on the course, I think I might even miss them… hehe

The next step within this program is to meet on a one-on-one and discuss the business idea/plan further. I have notice about myself, I think this might apply to more people, that just start saying things aloud helps in taking you a bit step closer to that reality. For me, it feels like I am having to change or adjust my whole identity. What started with a whisper: “I want to be a web designer” slowly gets louder and louder until you one day say it out loud. But I need to drop a few words I seem to sneak in when I discuss this:

“I am trying to start up as a freelance web designer”

Fishy business


Jon’s working afternoon shift this week, so I made salmon tonight. He doesn’t like any fish. So unfortunately we don’t eat a lot of fish. Tonight I made marinated salmon and it was sooo nice. Can highly recommend it. Had it with mango salsa. Tomorrow – Sushi.

Salmon fillet marinated in soy sauce, ginger, coriander, chutney and lime juice. SO, lovely!

Today I attended the first day at the course so I went on the bus to Sittingbourne. Since I spend most of my time nowadays at home alone, it was nice to get out and meet some people and learn some new things. Although, it must have been very unusual for me cause by the end of the day I had the worst headache. Migraine-like headache. Haven’t experienced that in a long time. Feel better now after a pain pill and some food. And later tonight I will go to body pump. Need to keep up with the routine, but also I think it might do my headache good. Move the muscles and get the blood circulating.

Tomorrow is another day on the course. It is nice to be around people that are at a similar stage as myself and have the same thoughts and fears. It is also nice to speak to the volunteering mentors and the tutor and make most use of their experience and expertise. After the course, we get a mentor for the next 2 years that we see on a regular basis to get business advice and direction. Really liking that idea.

Compared to how I felt November last year when I starting going in this direction, I feel so much more certain that self employment is for me, that I would enjoy it a lot.

Money for food

Microsoft Nutritional database

Well, not too bad. 2 out of 3 turned up so I earned an honest 20. I was so exhausted by all the social contact so I fell asleep, when Jon found me he joined and we woke up by my mobile ringing. We missed the gym’s opening hours. :/ Have to do our routine tomorrow.

One of the wardrobes I am selling, the last one actually!

Jon is making pie, we’re having traditional pie, mash and gravy tonight. Yum!

I have been reading up on food, diets and working out. I am more confused than ever. Don’t know how to go about this eating business. Had a conversation with mum yesterday and I was all worked up, it is so tiring to have to plan so much food wise all the time.

Oh well, I will continue with this database thing. It seem to cover all the various aspects of food. To eat what you need but not too much of certain stuff. It gives you a recommended calorie intake with regards to your BMI. It’s a maximum calorie intake per day but also a maximum Fat calorie, Carb calorie and Protein intake, which means you can’t eat just chips one day until you filled your calorie maximum (unfortunately). So I suppose it is a balanced way of eating. I realize I won’t be able to do this EVERY day for the rest of my life, but I’m thinking it will make me more aware and give me an idea of what works for me. I want to up my metabolism. So weight training and eating like this should do the trick. I hope!

This is a print screen of this database (if you have access you can download it from microsofts website, it’s called Nutrition). You can follow your weight-loss (if you have one) and you record all food you eat in the diary and then make sure that it doesn’t go above the calories recommended to either lose, stay or gain weight.

You might think I think a lot about my weight and what I eat. And you are right. I have a normal BMI but it is at the very upper level of the scale. My weight curve is not going in the right direction and I need to stop it. Besides, I want to be fit, healthy and feel good. Food and exercise is the key. So since it is on my mind a lot it will end up in my blog as well. I am not obsessed though, and I hope you don’t get too bored. Maybe to some extent it might even inspire? If you have some thoughts let me know!

Modern Garage sell

Wardrobe to sell
Sooo, I am trying to contribute to the household economy, in my own way. I am selling old stuff on Tradera (ebay in sweden). I’m not earning a fortune exactly, but there’s a few hundred SEK coming in to my swedish account, slowly paying back my credit. As all of you who have sold stuff on Tradera/ebay know, it is much more work that what it’s worth. But what can you do?
Although I have tried to make it easier to manage and administrate. As the nerd I am, I have created a database with all the items I’m selling and then I add the names and addresses of the winner and merge it all to a word document. Got to love mail merge and print your online postage! It’s very smooth and efficient but yeah, not earning a fortune exactly.
I am also trying to sell our old wardrobes on Gumtree. Two Argos ones and one IKEA one. Which is taking this selling business to a different level completely. I actually have to meet the buyer. iiiih…
It’s so frustrating though. So many people get in contact and are interested and you try and not promise anyone anything, cause at the end of the day, the first one to come here and give me money and take the stuff away is the one who gets the stuff. Right? So I try and keep everyone’s interest. And people say they are coming by and then never do, wasting my time.
Hopefully 3 people will come by today and get all this junk taking up space in our living room and in return give us food money for this last week before payday. Win-win, as they say…

Love Nightmares

I had this horrible dream that Jon & I were going out and he broke up with me. He didn’t really explain why and I was too occupied with other things to give this some proper thought. But when all that sort of calmed down two weeks later, it hit me and I started crying hysterically and fell into my mother’s arms and cried how much I missed him.

Good thing we’re married so he can’t leave. :P

We made a fort by the TV yesterday and curled up, watched SNL and Entourage.

Such a good day for flying

Today I’ve attended an information meeting with The Prince’s Trust. I’m attending a course next week for 4 days. It’s about things I’ve already gone through but at the course I attended in Peterborough, but it is still useful to get reminders and new inputs and to do some local networking. After the course we get mentoring and all sorts of support so I am really excited about it.

Plan the packing panic

Jon digging up a car

Usually when going to Sweden I tend to want to bring back a load of stuff. It can be food that I can’t get in the UK that I miss and crave once in a while, like hard bread or creme fraiche with different interesting flavours. But I also have a few boxes of stuff at my parents house. I was after all 26 when I moved to London and had had my own flat since I was 21. Loving interior design and making things ‘me’ made me buy quite a lot of nice stuff.

All of this I’ve stored at my parents place for the time being, well at least the things I really, really want to keep. The rest I’ve sold off. And there is also a lot of clothes in bags there. A lot of them, didn’t realize I had so much stuff.

So i want to, bit by bit, try and get all of this back to the UK. Which freaks Jon out because of our small flat. We always fly Ryanair going to Sweden (or anywhere really ;) and I’m sure you are all aware of Ryanair’s way of charging small fees for every little services until it adds up to be quite an expensive fee.

It’s £15 to have a 15 kg check-in bag one way. Quite expensive, actually, VERY expensive. And a 20 kg bag is £30. Going to Sweden this time, I booked one 15kg bag to check in. I got up extra early to do the packing and planning and weighing. The whole process got me thinking. 

I weighted my bag and it was 14.5 kgs. Which didn’t make me feel “sweet, perfect” but rather “what else can i fit in to get my 15kgs worth?”. I’ve paid for it damn it, I want all 15 kilos. 

But on the other hand I know I don’t want to be above the allowed luggage limit. That would turn out badly and expensive. Such a stressful situation on top of that. Having people waiting behind you and getting annoyed because you haven’t packed properly. Gaah, there’s enough stressfulness being at the airport. I don’t need that as well on top of my fear of flying. 

Never mind the hand luggage which also need to be carefully packed and weighted. I must say though, before and also this time around the airport staff has been on the generous side. As long as the overweight is not over 1 kg. I guess they understand as well that you can’t take 0.6 kg out of the bag and you don’t want to not bring that 6hg that you’ve paid extra for. Nothing weights exactly that. It’s a giving and taking I suppose. 

My point is, my best option, to not get overly stressed at the airport before checking in boarding and all that alone makes me hyperventilate, would be to pack well under the allowed kg-limit. So I know it won’t be any problems checking it in. But that doesn’t balance out the fact that I want to bring my stuff back AND I want to use every single kg I’ve paid for. So I go trough the stress after all.

Another reflection flying home this time related to the previous subject is coats and what you’re wearing. This one guy on board our plane had the hugest fur coat I’ve ever seen. Yea, a dude! It must have weighted 10 kolos on it’s own. But not just that. It took up half of the overhead luggage compartment above him.

How fair is that? I realize he can’t wear it obviously, because he would be boiling. But can’t he at least be required to sit on it? 

Another thing, this plane was so full of weird characters. We had the very fury, bold guy with makeup just mentioned. We had the dwarf from lord of the rings on board, except he wasn’t ginger. And a whole gang of Hell’s Angels.

Mum drove the car up into a pile of snow and we got stuck there. We had to dig the car out. In the cold and with the winds blowing through with snow.
New experience for Jon though.
Jon with my sis Pillan and her hubbie Sebastian
It is very beautiful though with all the snow.