Work and Hormones

I really don’t feel like going to work today and yet I need to leave in 5 mins. I know it’s because of my female hormones, period coming up this week. And I try to suppress the anxiety and ignore the thoughts in my head trying to imply my feelings are actually valid and that it might be the fact that we are understaffed in the admin team at the moment that makes me miserable or that we have so much to do up until our audit or that there is an obnoxious person at the office with arrogant attitude and lame ass jokes that I don’t get. But no, seriously I’ve been through worse and it is the pms trying to take over.

I really wanted to get up for a run this morning instead of running in the evening. My alarm went off (Ceasar’s Palace – Over b’fore it started) I woke up and really felt awake. But I looked at Jon and didn’t dare to wake him up. He’s been working so hard lately. In early, home late, working Saturdays, so I couldn’t wake him up for a run. It wouldn’t have made much of a difference but still. Wednesday maybe…?

Oh well, need to shoot off to work now. Bye bye

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