Weekend update with Caroline Waddell


So another weekend passed. Back to work tomorrow and that makes me as cheerful as always. It’s not really that I don’t like work it’s just that there’s a lot of stuff up in the air at the moment, and I can’t wait for things to settle down a bit. Then there’s a few stuff on my private agenda that’s occupying my mind at the moment, my sis’ wedding in a couple of weeks time not to say the least. Here’s some pics that describes my weekend.

Bicycle bell

Reflection in bicycle bell

I finally bought a new bell to my bike, after the horn was stolen. This is huge, apparently a remake of a classic bell.

I also bought a new plant, and replanted my herbs, basil and mint.
Carrot bread
I was a busy bee in the kitchen on Friday and made carrot bread. Turned out really nice if I may say so myself.
Starter; garlic soup with croutons Garlic soup

Starter, Garlic soup with croutons…

Butternut squash pasta

Main was baked butternut squash with cream flavored noodles. Mmmmm….

I was too full to take photos of the dessert, but it was just a few scopes of Ben & Jerry’s caramel chew.

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