Sunday Morning

Good morning! We’re up already, dunno why but I woke up and could not go back to sleep. So I’m sitting here eating my carrot bread I baked yesterday and drinking coffee. We had a nice relaxing evening last night with luvely Guinness Stew which I recommend to everyone. It takes quite some time to prepare and the meat is quite expensive, but it is so worth it! mmm….
We started watching a movie starring Michael Scott from the office but Jon got so annoyed by it so we had to turn it off. I didn’t care, could have watched through but really it’s a waste of time coz I knew it was a rubbish movie.
We went for a run yesterday aswell and beat our record! not by much, but it gives you a bit of  boost when you do well, and can see your making progress. I love my new running shoes as well, they are so much better than my last ones.

Here’s some photos from yesterday:

baked carrot bread
The Guinness stew (Recipe: Needs to simmer for like 2-3 hours. But yummy!
Mrs & Mr
Saturday dinner; Guinness stew, potato bake and yorkshire pudding
Parsley and pine apple – still life photo :D I used to buy containers with bits of pineapple and eat at work until a colleague said that I was stupid and that I should buy a pineapple and cut it myself – what a mission I thought! but actually, it was not too bad and it is so much cheaper. And tastes nicer aswell.
And then a few episodes of House through a glass of wine hehe

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