Strange dreams

Hello good morning,
Jon is still at work and I’m drinking Cranberry juice to try to get some vitamin C in my system. Waiting for breakfast until he comes home. Had the weirdest dream that we moved to Sweden, but not planned and organised but just broke up and went. And the weirdest thing is I really missed p’boro. and also this woman had been filming this movie and I was in it and I was all worried that now she had to find someone to replace me and film all the scenes again… Such problems!
Last night I dreamt that I was working for the local newspaper and I was going to interview Moneybrother but I did not have any time to prepare and I just got closer and closer to the time of the interview. And when I finally was let backstage to see the guys in the band. I was struggling! All I asked about was Monster (the leadsinger’s old old band) and how much I loved them back in the days, completely irrelevant. And then the stupidest question fell outta my lips: “So, tell me how your new album was inspired?” and the singer: “Well, our new album is like half done… So it is still a work in progress”
Weird weird dreams…

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