Running routine mess

Really annoying, did not manage to get up this morning either for a run. Fell asleep straight away again. But it’s not like it’s easier to get up 2 hrs later either. HAVE to try to get up tomorrow. I want to run every other day, that’s the routine I am trying to get into. I have been  trying for a few weeks to go register at the local sports center and pay-as-you-go to spinning classes and pilates. It hasn’t happened yet. It is SO difficult when you go home first, and not straight from work. I will go tomorrow though. Friday afternoon. Do a bit of spinning.
I have done my 10 days of diet now. I did cheat and had a cookie last night, but I chose to and I did not get ill so all good. I have lost 10 kg all together now, which feels really great.
But as I told my sister and niece when Skyping to them the other day; It is just proof of the boring city I am living in, when I can go for a total of 20 days without eating or drinking during the summer months! I would never have pulled that off in Gothenburg. There the temptation of a Barbecue and drinking wine by the river every evening during May thru to Aug/Sept is too big. This is just ridiculous.

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