Roof man and running amateur

This morning a guy was sitting on the roof just opposite our window. They are demolishing the buildings there so soon we won’t have any privacy…
Also, i am trying to become a running freak. I even bought a magazine today; Runner’s World. I have made a playlist for tomorrow morning and I record every progress in an excel file. Good start huh?
My next plan is to make this an annoying running blog…. how do you feel about that? Leave a comment!

7 Replies to “Roof man and running amateur”

  1. Först kanelbullar sen springa?? Bestäm dig ;) Tycker det låter jättehurtigt! Själv blir det gym eller gruppass på ett ställe som heter malkars i Kalmar. Nu ska här bli ordning igen! Hoppas allt är bra på andra sidan kanalen! Vore ju grymt att ses! Kram på dej/er! Kusin

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