Gothenburg city

I am really tired but forcing myself to make a blog entry. Otherwise I never will, because most of the free time I have I’m tired, which is lame. I need to start working out – get some energy.
Part of the reason why I’m still tired is because of the trip to Gothenburg this weekend. It was lovely though! Great to see some old friend (but unfortunately missed a few)
Sofia and Samuel had a do on Saturday which turned out to be really successful. It’s great with friends you can see and it’s just like when you last met even though it was a long time ago. It’s effortless in a way. If you know what I mean.
Here’s a photo treat, can’t believe I forgot my camera, but here are some mobile moments:

Jon early Saturday morning, Göteborg’s tastiest Kebab for breakfast, I know sounds grouse but  looovely. We were a bit tired though.
Lovely swollen eyes, it was quite early and I had to get up to go sort my passport out.
& us going home

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