Evening run instead

Yes! We did go for a run, in the evening and not morning, but we still went for a run TODAY. And we did not hit a bad time either even though it was the first run in ages for Jon and I am still on my diet and haven’t been out for a while either.
Speaking of the Lemonade diet. I do believe it’s a brilliant diet. People around me have expressed concern about the whole not-eating-thing, but it is just for 10 days. You don’t die from not eating solid food for ten days, besides, I am getting what I need through the lemonade and I am drinking plenty of water. The biggest proof for me that this diet is not harmful, is how I feel. If I was starving myself and my body lacking – I would not feel this good.
But saying that, I am really looking forward to eating soon. I think that’s probably why I’ve become so obsessed with my new recipe book on the computer. I have finished putting all my fav recipes in there. That’s were they will all go from now on. Only recipes I like and eat on a regular basis. It’s fabulous. And inspiring. I hate when we get into a routine and make the same food over and over again. BORING.

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