Early Saturday morning smoothie and a run

Just had my breakfast and are waiting to go for a run. I am gona try running without music today and focus more on my running. Perhaps.
We did go shoppin yesterday. Found a nice beach dress, on sale, and a cheap H&M bikini. Very simple but nice, a little sparkling actually. I didn’t find new sun glasses though. I’ll keep an eye open.
Jon is working today as well, and tomorrow. So for me it’s just 3 more days of work, for him 5 incl today. It’s lovely weather here today, maybe we’ll go to the park when Jon gets home. Wonder how my run will go in the heat. Feels quite chilly in here with the blinds shut and all windows open. Think our window side is still in shadow as well.
I bought a new arm mp3 band yesterday. Gonna try it today. Have been running with a little rug sack but it’s getting really annoying. Specially since I lost my breast from the weight loss, there is nothing there holding it steady. Just need to fit my keys in to the arm band as well. I’m gonna go do that now so that I get anywhere today.

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