Early, early morning

I’ve decided to get up 6.30 every morning no matter how I get to work. I’m alternating between walking (about 45 mins) and taking the bus (10 – 15 mins). The tyre on my bike is still not fixed so I can’t use it. Which doesn’t really make a huge difference because it’s been snowing anyways. I can’t wait for the weather to change though so that I can bike it. Shouldn’t take more than 10 mins.
It’s funny how freaked out everyone is about the snow and “the freeze”. It’s like 2-3 minus C. Hello? That’s nothing. People aren’t getting to work and schools are shut. And I can’t help but think and say “this would never happen in Sweden”. I mean, ok – people might be late and take it easy on the roads when there’s ice and very cold. But it would take a serious blizzard for the entire country to basically shut down as it does here. ALL they talk about on the news are the weather. I mean, swedes have learnt and prepare themselves – so can the brits!
Today I’m finally going to the optician to check my eyes. I’m gonna buy some new glasses as well. After that I’m actually going to work out! I have a voucher for Fitness First and I’m going to try out their BodyCombat. Haven’t done that class in years. It’ll be good, I hope. Would like to get a gym card but it seems too expensive. I’ll have a word with them today and see what alternatives there are.
Today at work I need to archive and sent off files. Continue with my database, so much fun – I got to learn access and create a whole database. I’m struggling a little bit, but I’ll get there. And I need to get a few other things sorted.
This week is a countdown to Gothenburg. Hope the weather clears up before Friday. I’m really looking forward to Gothenburg. Jon’s giving comments like “Ah a whole wknd with you going yadayadayadayada with your friends and I don’t understand a thing”. But I’m sure he’ll enjoy it. He’s going to meet a few of my friends he hasn’t met yet. Also, we got this Swedish course for him! Hehe, soon he’ll be fluent and I can’t talk secrets behind his back anymore… Doh!
Have a nice day!

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