Cambridge outing and food food food

Jon came home from work yesterday morning to find me still in bed. For every normal person that would be normal, to still be in bed at 10.30 am on a Saturday. But since Jon was up at 5.30 for work both Sat & Sun he was shocked to find me in bed. He was also hyper on 4 cups of coffee so he had this plan to take me to Cambridge. I had plans to study and prep food and bake bread, but they that could wait right…?
So it’s Sunday now and I have officially 4 days left at work. Friday I will be unemployed. Not looking forward to the whole job hunting thing, but it might make way for something new and interesting. I am trying to stay positive and not worry too much.
Here some pics from the weekend:
Cambridge ready
Nice day in Cambridge but cold cold cold, or so thought the sunflowers.
Jon waiting.
Jon was waiting for me outside a store, waste of time running around stores torturing myself when I have no money to buy anything with.
Jon in Cambridge
Caroline in Cambridge
I started cooking. Emma at work, her friend went to Thailand and went on a cooking course. This is the recipe she got there for authentic red thai curry. With homemade red curry paste.
ChilliesMaking the pasteRed thai curry paste
I cheated a bit with the paste. You’re suppose to use a mortar, but I just made it in the food processor.

Authentic red thai curry

Mmm it turned out really nice. Jon couldn’t eat it though, it was too hot he thought. And I didn’t even use half the paste I was suppose to use. :D
Lots of food, this is turning in to some sorta food blog. oh well, bare with me…

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