Brit Awards and Pick & Mix

Hello, we’ve been watching the Brit Awards 2010. It’s ending now with a Robbie Williams medley. The award show was alright but nothing extraordinary.

Elaine came to visit this weekend. We walked around the city. I bargained a jacket, or so I thought when Jon made me aware of the fact that it was a Primark jacket, so I probably paid more than for a new one ;) Oh well – it was definitely worth 4.95.
Sunday we drove the a pub called the Goat in one of the villages outside P’boro I ordered Shepherd’s pie but I was disappointed. It tasted like mince with cheese on top.
Jon and I have started jogging now. We ran around the park yesterday (4 mins quicker than Saturday). It feels good to finally be doing something and hopefully get rid of the extra kilos that have been collecting themselves on both of us.
Work was good today. Got some work done on the Manual that I have to rewrite. Some parts more than other. I’m glad I managed to put some time aside today. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stuff. But I do actually need to prioritize the Manual. It needs to be completed soon.
Oh well, leaving it here for now. Good night!

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