Basket case attack

The most horrible thing happened on the way home from work. I was cycling on the cycle road in my own thoughts when I see this kid around 4-5 years standing by the side of the road. He has a big branch in his hand swinging it around, in what I thought was thoughtlessness. It happens almost everyday that stupid kids run all over the place and you have to get their attention and tell them to stop. But it’s always stupidity and ignorance. When I slowed down and made the kid aware of my presence with a “Hey!” he determinedly walked up to my bike and raised his branch and started hitting it, without stopping. I started screaming but was mostly in shock. Luckily a woman came cycling behind me and she’d seen the whole thing and started screaming at the boy to stop when she approach but he didn’t stop. So she cycled right up to him, stopped just in front of him to scare him – but he just continued. Then she put her face right close to his and screamed all she could and finally he dropped his stick and ran to his mum. I can’t believe it; he was like a little nasty animal.
The mum who just realized what happened said she was sorry and the woman who assisted me screamed at her to keep an eye on her “horrible”, “vile” child and that she would call the police. She screamed everything that I couldn’t get out of my chest. I started cycling slowly and said “Thank you!” to the woman in front of me. She slowed down so we were leveled and we chatted a bit. She said: “and the worst thing is; we can’t even hit them” Hahaha… True. That boy needs to be seriously shook around!

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