A life in pics

I’ve started taking random photos which is always a good start to waking up this blog again.

Rabbit gift

 The rabbit I got from Mr and Mrs Nilsson when I moved to the UK. Very nice indeed!
Long exposure

 Jon and I were experimenting with long exposures settings on the camera.

Mango & carrot
 Mango and carrot, am and pm snack at work. Mmm love our Market in town.
Grapefruit juice & musli
 Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and musli.
 Body pump @ home


 One of the recipes I’m making this weekend, who would’ve known I’d become such a food freak. From being a single girl eating take out every night, not being able to cook anything from doing all sorts of foreign stuffs. It’s fun!
Asian groceries
Went crazy in the Chinese store in town
It was raining this morning. A lot!

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