Hair salon interrogation

I was sitting in the hair salon getting a hair cut and was thinking about this blog post, but now sitting down to write it I feel empty. That’s the problem with me and updating a blog. I don’t have the computer with me when I get the urge to update. I definitely need an iphone. To sum it up, the hair cut experience was awkward. You know, service people who aren’t naturally service minded and don’t really like talking to people, just cutting hair. Which is fine. It was just weird questions and I wanted to get out of that uncomfortable chair with no foot rest and my legs started hurting and all of a sudden the hairdresser’s face in mine; “Do you like getting your hair done, Caroline?” How do you respond to that? If I say “No, I hate it – just get on with it already” that would be awkward. But saying Yes (which eventually was what came out as soon as I got it through my head what she had actually said) is also very weird. Don’t you think?

She also had a very english accent which I found difficult to understand. And she overused my name. A lot. She asked how long I’ve been married. And then; “Is it going well?”

The diet is going great. The pain is almost gone. I am half way through it. Some people at work seem to think I’m not going to make it. Physically I’m convinced I will make it through. Again – except for the pain, I have felt fine. Better than normal. And mentally, I’m waaay too stubborn to give in. It won’t happen.

I will enjoy food more after this though.. In a good way I hope. Good food. And I cannot believe I’m free from coffee!

This turned out to be a decent blog post. See ya

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