Time just flies doesn’t it? Need to get into my blog routine again. At work now, having my lunch break. Busy day today and it’s getting to me. It’s been busy days for a while now. Just want things to go back to normal.
The above pic is from when Jon and I headed down to Borehamwood to see Shaun an Majka. We were stuck in traffic, standing still for over an hour so I need something to distract myself with. We had a great time at Shaun & Majka’s except for when Shaun choked on his steak and had to go to hospital. Poor guy…
Had a really good run Monday morning, I need to get up earlier though to eat something otherwise I feel like I did last week Friday. Had some yoghurt and musli. It feels so much better to run in the morning, you wake up properly, burn fat all day (hopefully!) and you can veg when you get home with a good conscience.

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