So Friday evening. Excitiiiing huh?! I am so tired. Been trinking juice and working on a school project. I finally finished a project I should have handed in a few weeks ago. Well, that is I finished the design of the broshure. Today I wrote the report. And sometime soon I need to to a sketch of the website. Daaah… A new course has started already which I am actually looking forward to. Going to learn PHP and so on.
Here is a list of things I don’t like:
  • Finding the two socks that fit together after doing laundry. I always seems to add up with similar style of socks but the one is slightly, slightly more washed out.
  • Doing dishes. I really don’t like it. I know I am the most skillful dish wash-upper in this household so I end up doing them most of the time. My best present now would be a dishwasher.

Well it’s a list, not the longest one, but still.

I did not go for a run the other day. It’s surprisingly easy to come up with excuses I’ve noticed. Although there has been snowing here this week.
Jon’s mum Elaine is coming for a visit tomorrow. Looking forward to that, I’m sure we’ll have interesting conversations and go for a walk or two.
I should probably retire now, how boring and “married-life” that might sound…

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