Good morning! I’m having striped swedish Kalle’s caviar on toast for breakfast this morning. I have to leave for work soon. There’s a lot of people off sick at the moment. Yesterday was really hectic and stressful. I am hoping that today will be a little less stressful. Probably not though… It’s just annoying because you plan on getting stuff done that you really need to get cracking with and all you end up doing is trying to get through the day and do everything you and your colleague off need to get done. Phew! But I’m not complaining really, still enjoying the role.
I’m hoping to go running tonight. Jon bought running shoes on Friday. Before he realised we’re basically bankrupt this month. :S The money I started saving up for a SA trip will have to go, otherwise we won’t be able to eat. Anyway what we CAN do and SHOULD is go out running. The weather looks fine so far. Probably a little cold but so what?
We didn’t get up to much this weekend that just passed. Jon and I got completely hooked on the Apprentice and watch a whole season. It’s so great! Brilliant!
We were invited for dinner at some friends house and we had a lot of fun!
Then I did a little bit of studying. Had to start all over with one of my assignments cause I wasn’t happy at all with the outcome and couldn’t really finish it off. But back on track now and feel a lot better about it.
I have to cycle to work now!
xx Caroline

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