2009 – SUM UP

Last year was a very big year for me with lots of things happening and huge decisions got made. In many ways it’s been the worst year ever (financially etc) but it the most important ways it has been the best year in my entire 27 year old life. This is a quick sum up of what happened month by month:


In January I was still getting settled in London after moving there in December 2008. I was looking for a job and stressing out about that. Went to 3 of Jon’s gigs and Breaking Rome was even mentioned in Kerrang Magazine. I was unemployed and spent my days on Lancaster Road (with Moa and Cecilie) a flat that got emptier and emptier the closer to February we got, and we finally moved to Talbot Road – a nice council flat. Us 3 girls moved in with Anita & Megan. I went with Jon down to Portsmouth to see his mum . Jon & I had a nice time together all of January.
When the snow came and paralyzed London, so did a job. Started working for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, social services, after 2 months of unemployment and money stress. Same day as I got a job, Jon lost his and the struggle wasn’t over. But we tried to keep up a good spirit and spend time with friends.
March was a good month, a great month. Jon & I tied the knot in all modesty at Chelsea Old Town Hall. Few knew about this decision, because that’s the way we wanted it and the evening on the 20th of March Jon played with Breaking Rome and we got a chance to tell friends and have a good night. We had a lovely stay at a hotel in Shepherd’s Bush before getting back to reality and out tiny, tiny flat on Ladbroke Grove. (about 10-12 m2)
I cannot believe how quickly Jon became such a huge part of my life and I feel enormously fortunate to have found someone so awesome. Someone who can be my best friend and love of my life at the same time.
We went to Sweden in April during the easter holiday and spent some time with my family. Before going back we stopped by Gothenburg and met up with friends and brought back some of my stuff from my flat. Jon had his last gig with Breaking Rome and we are still squeezed into the tiny flat. 6 months contract…
The sun started to show its face and we went to Portsmouth for some in-law quality time = lovely walks in the forest. One weekend we went to spend some time with Shaun & Majka, Brett & Donna. Such a nice sunny weekend with Saffa braai. Cecilie had her hen night with medium success but there were to be a 2nd chance.
In June we tried a 2nd Hen Night for Cec and this turned out to be a hit. Soon after came their wedding in Norway, Oslo and we had such an awesome time the 48 hrs we spent there. Henrik & Cecilie got each other and we got a to share it all.
Lovely summer month with barbecue, love, convention, Swedish “rostad lök” and so on. Still on a ridiculously strict budget, but somehow we managed to get through. (with a bit of help)
Marc Coomber was in the UK for a month long holiday & came with Jon, Brent and myself to Leeds festival. It was rainy & mudy but we survived. In August we also got Jon’s car, that had been “temporarily” parked in Fareham at Jon’s mum for months. It eventually started and Jon started commuting to Peterborough were he’d find a job. 1 hour travel there and 2 hrs home.
In September we went to Sweden to visit family again and Jon hit some sort of record in beard growing. We saw some fireworks at the Thames Festival with friend and it was lovely.
Brent left town and we all said goodbye. The weekend after we left London for Peterborough. Jon had been travelling for 2 months and we decided to move. Cannot explain the joy of a proper sized flat and kitchen with an oven and so on… However, the weekend after the move we came back to London to meet the Grandes and Cecilie.
November was a month of unemployment again. After the move I was struggling to get a job but this time it wasn’t half as stressful as when I was by myself. I bought a bicycle, got a temp assignment and mum & dad came to visit. Jessica made a quick appearence and got to see how we live.
December was the month when everything fell into place. I got a job (Senior Administrator) and I love it. And we got settled in P’boro. Shaun and Majka came to visit a weekend and we played cards and had fun. The year ended with Jon’s family in Fareham. His sister Abbey and Jeremy came over from Mallorca and we had a great week and a half with them.
That’s my year folks and now I’m going to bed!

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